Monday, November 14, 2011

A Couple Of Cheat Sheets

I have reduced my tutorials on the Green Arrays Editor and the the Green Arrays Simulator to a couple of one pagers. I'm going to post them here for quick reference. Copy and paste to suit.


Bring up colorFORTH

“200 edit <cr>” - now editing page 200.

Move the cursor - “J” “K” “L” and “;” keys. If you get too far
lost hit the and you are out of the editor

Exit program “bye”

To continue where you left off type "e" <cr>. Back editing the screen.

Use the “N” key to delete a word at a time.

Pick a color (see chart below) and type in the word you want to add. <cr> and the word is added. You can now add another word. will erase a word if you typed it incorrectly. When you are done typing words of that color hit <spacebar> and you are back in the editor. You can now erase any wrongly entered words or if you need to change a word's color by using the cursor and “A” key.

“F1” key to toggles between decimal and hexidecimal entry modes.

"save" when you are all done and out of the editor.

Color Words:

White - “R” - comment
Yellow - “U” - interpreted words
Red - “I” - define Forth word
Green - “O” - compiled words and numbers
Blue - “X” - display macro (mostly text formatting for now)
Magenta - “,” - variable
Grey - “Z” - compiler feedback
Cyan - “.” - compiled macro call



Chart in Section 7.5 on Page 31 of the DB004 document.

Type “so <cr>”. Simulator and its control panel.
“F” key to single step
Change focus “M” key.
Back to beginning “A” key.

Leave simulator - <spacebar>

Step/stop - “F”
Fast/slow - “S”
Go continuously - “D”
Back to beginning - “A”

Increase step size +1 - “V”
Decrease step size -1 - “C”
Increase step size +100 - “R”
Decrease step size -100 - “E”

Swap focus (yellow and red cores in the display) - “M”
Scroll through focus core's memory, increasing - “,”
Scroll through focus core's memory, decreasing - “.”
Display alternate core's memory or active core display - “/”

Display sizing
Taller - “Q”
Wider - “W”
Shorter - “Z”
Narrower - “X”

Select focus node. Use the “M” key to move the other node.

Left move - “J”
Right move - “;”
Up move - “K”
Down move - “L”

To move the block of displayed cores around

Left move - “U”
Right move - “P”
Up move - “I”
Down move - “O”


Hope that helps.

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